Curtain heading styles

Curtains make a house a home!  There are many different styles of headings and finishes which go towards creating the finished look.  It is important to make sure that the style compliments the room and works with the size and shape of the window.  The rails, or poles are also an important part of the look and I work with Silentgliss and Houles who have a great selection of lovely quality products.


Wave curtains are very sleek and have a lovely contemporary look.  They don’t pull back as close as eyelets, but are very neat.


Eyelet curtains pull back very neatly if you have a restricted space either side of the window.  They can be 40mm (standard size) or 50mm which have a more contemporary look and work well with a thicker pole.

Pinch Pleat

Pinch Pleat curtains are more traditional and can be made up with either 2 or 3 pleats.  These I hand stitch to a size which balances the window.  For example for a tall or large window you would need a deeper pleat but would require a skinnier pleat for a smaller window.

Pencil Pleat

Pencil Pleat curtains are a simple way to dress a window and have the focus on the fabric instead of the header.